Mental Health and Resilience Training

Our staff team is our most precious resource. By creating an environment where the mental health of employees is prioritised and invested in; then there is almost a boundless reservoir of good will towards the company. Sick days are reduced, productivity increases and people stay. Too often however, our prominent and outstanding associates are diminished by their own mental health crisis’. If you are a large organisation, multi-academy trust, a frontline charity, a national denomination or you work within the music and creative industries, you will know how Important our mental health is. I deliver workshops on mental health and resilience suited around your organisational needs. The workshop covers learning to control difficult thoughts and emotions, developing resilience, understanding our triggers, mental health self–care, CBT techniques, Mindfulness, developing healthy habits and boundaries, understanding the brain, as well as including teaching many tools and techniques to manage problematic and stressful situations. These workshops can be delivered online or in person with unlimited attendees. After the workshop I can provide additional opportunities for informal ‘drop ins’ to answer mental health related questions. Furthermore, regular ‘One to One’s’ can be set up for your leadership team and other noteworthy individuals within your company up to a year after the training. There is always excellent feedback from these events and ‘one to one’ meetings.

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Deciding to start therapy is a brave step in your journey of healing. The therapy I offer can look like lots of things, a space to open up and explore emotions, thoughts and memories. An opportunity to work through trauma, addiction, relationship issues; it can be a place to challenge unhelpful behaviours and ways of relating. It can be short term or long term and can be flexible around your work and family commitments. I’m trained in many different ways of doing therapy so will shape therapy around your needs as well as you as a person. I work with all forms of Anxiety and Depression, Abortion, Addictions, Affairs and betrayals, Alcoholism, Anger Management, Bullying, Cancer, Career counselling and support, Child related issues, Compulsivity, Couples, Domestic violence, Eating disorders, All forms of abuse, Family issues, Gender dysphoria, Grief, Low confidence and self-esteem, Miscarriage, Disorders and conditions described in DSM- 5 / ICD-10, Phobias, PTSD, Postpartum depression, Rape, Relationship issues, Self-harm, Separation and divorce, Sexual issues and Sexuality, Spirituality, Stress, Suicidal thoughts, Trauma, Work related stress I practice holistically I use various CBT, Person centred, Psychodynamic and Traumatology approaches explored through cognitive, emotional, relational, behavioural, spiritual and physical lenses. I can also use a combination of art, music, drama in our therapy as well as meditation techniques. I offer counselling for adults & adolescents, I also offer Christian Counselling. I really look forward to working with you.

I offer online or face to face supervision which I can be flexible with in terms of days and times. I am specialist trained in Trauma Work, Rape, Abuse, Sexual Abuse, addictions and working with adolescents / safeguarding I charge £80 per hour (£70 for Student or for those on low income)


Clinical Supervision (Taking your clinical practice to the next level)
Supervision can look like lots of things. For therapists, clinical supervision should be a safe, vibrant and dynamic environment, a place of sharing, reflexivity and learning. I like conducting supervision where we explore different therapeutic approaches and gaining new psychological perspectives. I can work with your placement and training institution as well as give guidance in terms of your academic work. My clinical supervisees range from students to very senior therapists and supervisors. We can meet for 1½ hours a month or 1 hour bi-weekly session depending on your need. I work Integratively and have lots of experience working within schools, adult services and within private practice. Additionally, I support therapists going through the accreditation process. My supervisees tell me the sessions are fun, equipping and invigorating. I have over 25 years experience working with young people as well as complex safeguarding issues.

Supervision for Charities and other Frontline workers (Providing support for Frontline workers)

For frontline workers, supervision can indeed be a place where they learn new techniques or more effective ways of working with their service users, but it’s also a place where I seek to help them to unburden themselves from the difficult and draining stories that they often hear and experience. It’s also important to offer frontline workers a space to talk about and explore the struggles in their personal and work life that has impacted them. Having this confidential space can increase overall resilience and mental health. It’s considered good practice for any front-line agency or school dealing with complex issues within their service users, to have monthly supervision for their staff to avoid burnout.

I offer online or face to face supervision which I can be flexible with in terms of days and times. I am specialist trained in Trauma Work, Rape, Abuse, Sexual Abuse, addictions and working with adolescents / safeguarding

I charge £80 per hour (£70 for Student or for those on low income)